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  • The search is case insensitive.
  • Wildcard search is possible by putting an asterisk (*) before and/or after the search term.
  • Wildcards are automatically put before and after the term if you search for course unit title, course title or catalogue data and after the term if you search for course unit number or lecturers.
  • Diacritics such as umlaut or accent are ignored, e.g. the search for "Muller" or "Mueller" will return "Müller", "Mueller" and "Muller".

Search for course units:

  • To get a complete search result, limit your search criteria either to the upper section (Semester and Structure) or to the lower section (Further criteria).
  • The selection under "Semester" and "Structure" finds chapters of the register, and displays them with all course units assigned. It also finds references to other chapters of the register.
  • "Further criteria", on the other hand, searches course units for specific characteristics. References to other chapters are not taken into account here.
  • The search for catalogue data includes the detailed description of a course unit and comprises the abstract, objective, content, as well as information about lecture notes, literature and prerequisites.
  • If the tickbox "Search result x without structural information" is marked, each course unit will be listed only once, but without programme information. This info, however, can be found under the detail of the course unit in tab "Offered in".
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