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The !-icon indicates that restrictions apply to registration of the course unit. Click on the icon for details.

Black square (■)

A black square (■) after the course title signalizes that special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturer/s to attend the course.

[For lecturers: To set this mark, tick the option "No" for "Accessible for external auditors" within eDoz, under "Courses" or contact your Schedule Coordinator]


ECTS credits (ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).


Hours per week for each course type (Example: 2V + 3U = 2 lecture hours per week plus 3 exercise hours per week). If the number is followed by 's' it means hours per semester.


Alphabetical list of lecturers. Chief lecturers are listed first and in bold print.


according to the catalogue of buildings.


on which the course takes place. Please note the different starting times at ETH main campus and campus Hönggerberg.


Information on whether a course unit is compulsory or optional etc. in a programme. This information is dependent on the respective programme.


on which the course takes place. With non-recurring courses the date or period of time is indicated, e.g. 04.12. - 08.12.

All dates belonging to a series of booking can be displaied in detail.

Regular courses usually take place the same day every week of the semester. If not, the following abbreviations are used:

/1 = only in the 1. half of the semester
/2 = only in the 2. half of the semester
/2w = 2-weekly
by appt. = by appointment

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